Straffrihet är en fråga som regionen Östafrika brottas med. Yttrandefriheten och tillgången till information är begränsad, med vissa undantag. Hbt-personer kriminaliseras och stigmatiseras. Vi upprättar successivt vår närvaro i regionen och undersöker olika sätt att stärka människorättsförsvarare och marginaliserade grupper. Läs om den rådande människorättssituationen i våra rapporter: Human Rights in Kenya |

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(English) Ethiopia: End use of counter-terrorism law to persecute dissenters and opposition members

Media statement Ethiopia

(English) Today, Civil Rights Defenders and eight other civil society organisations issue a joint statement calling on the Ethiopian government to end the use of counter-terrorism law to persecute dissenters and opposition members. We urge the Ethiopian Government to end its escalating crackdown on human rights defenders, independent media, peaceful protestors as well as members and leaders of the political opposition.

(English) Uganda: Weak Cyber Laws Fail to Protect Internet Freedoms and Privacy


(English) In a new report, Civil Rights Defenders and the Ugandan NGO Unwanted Witness provide a joint analysis on cyber laws in Uganda and their failure to protect online freedoms and the right to privacy. The analysis is an assessment of Ugandan cyber laws from a human rights perspective that reflects on the compatibility of the provisions with Uganda’s own 1995 Constitution and International Human Rights Standards.

(English) Stop Violations Against Kenyan Human Rights Defenders


(English) Today Civil Rights Defenders forwarded a joint Letter of Concern to the Kenyan government regarding the arrest of Joel Ogada on March 14. Joel is a prominent Kenyan environmental Human Rights Defender and Natalia Project participant. We urge the Kenyan authorities to act accordingly and guarantee in all circumstances that Kenyan human rights defenders are able to carry out their work without fear of reprisals.

(English) Grave Restrictions on Fundamental Human Rights

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 14.44.00

(English) In a letter to the Permanent Representatives of Members and Observer States of the UN Human Rights Council, Civil Rights Defenders together with eight undersigned civil society organisations expressed their serious concerns about the Ethiopian Government’s grave restrictions on fundamental human rights. This has been exemplified by the recent crackdown on largely peaceful protests in the Oromia region.

(English) Ugandan Elections: Long Delays, Frustrated Voters, Violence and No Change to the Ruling Elite

Uganda flag

(English) February 18th brought long delays as frustrated voters queued for hours to cast their votes during the Ugandan Presidential elections. The results proved no surprise as the incumbent President, Yoweri Museveni who has been in power for 30 years, won with 60,8 % of the votes while the main opposition candidate Kizza Besigye’s took 35,4 %.

Museveni blir kvar – och förtrycket ökar

Mesfin edited 480x270

Under lördagen stod det klart att sittande president Museveni behåller greppet om presidentposten i Uganda för en femte mandatperiod. Valdagen kantades av sammandrabbningar och nedsläckta sociala mediekanaler vilket, enligt kritiker och oppositionella i landet, skedde på order av den sittande regeringen. Civil Rights Defenders programchef för Östafrika och Afrikas horn, Mesfin Negash, analyserar valutgången i tidningen OmVärlden.

Valet i Uganda 2016 – en analys

Uganda flag

Den 18 februari 2016 är det val i Uganda. Enligt valkommissionen är ungefär hälften av Ugandas befolkning, totalt 15 miljoner, registrerade att rösta. Stämningen inför valet präglas av en rädsla för våldsamheter och att medborgeliga och politiska rättigheter ska komma att undergrävas ytterligare. Återkommande anmälningar om våld har lett till att både lokala och internationella aktörer uppmanat till omedelbara åtgärder för att underlätta situationen. Läs mer i Civil Rights Defenders analys.

(English) First Pride Parade Takes Place in Uganda a Year on From Proposed Draconian Legislation


(English) In what is seen as a milestone a year on since a law requiring homosexuals to be jailed for life was overturned, Uganda held its first Pride rally just outside the capital city of Kampala. The celebrations which lasted nearly a week featured art displays, cultural dances and culminated on Saturday 08th August with “A Pride Day for the Ugandan LGBT community”

(English) Ethiopian Authorities Release Two Zone 9 Bloggers and Four Journalists


(English) Civil Rights Defenders welcomes the release of two Zone 9 Bloggers who were arrested along with four other bloggers and three journalists in April 2014 on incitement and terrorism charges. In what is seen as an unprecedented move by the Ethiopian authorities the three journalists were also released with all charges against the journalists and bloggers dropped. Another journalist who had spent more than four years in prison has also been released.

(English) Proposed Bill will Restrict the Activities of NGO’s in Uganda

Maina Kiai

(English) Civil Rights Defenders is concerned over the trajectory of a bill that aims to regulate Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) in Uganda. The NGO bill introduced in April 2015 is due to be debated by Ugandan legislators and contains several provisions aimed at curtailing Freedom of Association. It seeks to repeal and replace the current Non-Governmental Organisation Registration Act Cap 113 regulating NGO activities in Uganda.

(English) The Misuse of Anti-Terrorism Laws in Africa with Civil Rights Defenders at the UN Human Rights Council

United_Nations_Human_Rights_Council_Logo (kopia)

(English) During the 29th session of the UN Human Rights Council which will be held in Geneva on June 16th, 2015 Civil Rights Defenders will co-sponsor an event entitled “The Misuse of Anti-Terrorism Laws in Africa”.This event will discuss and analyse anti-terrorist legislation trends across the African continent and how they are often used as a smokescreen to stifle dissenting voices instead of addressing genuine national security concerns.

(English) UN Report Highlights Gross Human Rights Violations in Eritrea

United_Nations_Human_Rights_Council_Logo (kopia)

(English) On June 08th The UN Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea issued a damning report and subsequent statement finding the Government of Eritrea “responsible for systematic, widespread and gross human rights violations that have created a climate of fear in which dissent is stifled, a large proportion of the population is subjected to forced labour and imprisonment, and hundreds of thousands of refugees have fled the country”

Human Rights in Kenya

(English) On the 27th August 2010 a new Constitution was adopted in Kenya. The Constitution, considered to be progressive, is seen as the primary instrument required to make social and political reforms in the country, so badly needed, after the violent events of the 2007 elections. Kenya adheres to the monist legal system and as such ratified international treaties are automatically incorporated into national law. Kenya is party to the majority of the core international human rights treaties as well as regional instruments such as the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights.

(English) We are seeking an intern for the East and Horn of Africa Department

Den internationella människorättsloggan

(English) We are seeking an intern for the East and Horn of Africa Department for the autumn semester. The internship consists of assisting the Program Director in his daily work. The tasks are varied and include writing articles, conducting research and monitoring of regional developments, drafting reports, some administrative work and assisting with the preparation of various activities and events in Sweden and abroad. Please send your application no later than the 30th of June.

(English) Two Organisations at Risk of being Labeled as ‘Terrorist Entities’ in Kenya


(English) Human Rights Agenda (HURIA), The National Coalition for Human Rights Defenders-Kenya (NCHRD-K), the Eastern Horn of Human Rights Defenders Project (EHAHRDP) and Civil Rights Defenders has learned of the intention of the Inspector General of Police of Kenya to freeze the bank accounts of two highly respected Kenyan human rights organisations following the recent terrorist attack at the University in Garissa.

Phyllis Omido från Kenya inkluderas i Natalia Project

Photo: Civil Rights Defenders

Miljösamordnaren Phyllis Omido i Mombasa blir den andra människorättsförsvararen från Kenya att inkluderas i Natalia Project efter David Kuria. 2009 grundade hon organisationen The Center For Justice Governance and Environmental Action (CJGEA), en verksamhet som arbetar för att främja och skipa rättvisa för dem som drabbas av miljöförstöring i industritäta områden längst Kenyas kust.

(English) Anti-gay law in Uganda violates international conventions

H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, President of Uganda. Photo: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

(English) February 25, Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni signed into law a bill strengthening the punishment against homosexuals, who can now be sentenced to fourteen years up to life in prison for sexual relations with the same sex. Civil Rights Defenders, along with many other human rights organisations, have called for Uganda’s government to reverse the decision and urged them to guarantee Ugandan citizens their human rights

Journalist i exil får människorättspris

Mesfin Negash Photo Ninke Liebert

Som ett erkännande för hans arbete för yttrandefrihet i Etiopien tilldelas Mesfin Negash, tillsammans med 40 andra journalister och skribenter, 2012-års Hellman/Hammett-pris. Utmärkelsen delas ut av människorättsorganisationen Human Rights Watch till skribenter som utsätts för politisk förföljelse och människorättsövergrepp. Efter att ha blivit hotad av myndigheterna flydde Mesfin Negash Etiopien år 2009 och verkar numera för mänskliga rättigheter i exil från Sverige.

Människorättsförsvarare i fokus – Brian Nkoyooyo

Smälta in, istället för att stå ut, är den allmänna säkerhetsrekommendationen till homo-, bisexuella och transpersoner (hbt) i Uganda. ”Det handlar om överlevnad”, säger Brian Nkoyooyo, chef för gräsrotsorganisationen Icebreakers som jobbar med hbt-ungdomar. Som välkänd hbt-aktivist i ett av de mest homofobiska länderna är han alltid på sin vakt: ”Jag lever varje dag som om det vore den sista”.

Mesfin Negash

Ninke Liebert Photography

Som en av Etiopiens mycket få oberoende journalister utsattes Mesfin Negash för trakasserier av den etiopiska regeringen så till den milda grad att han tvingades fly landet. Idag bor han i Sverige men fortsätter att sprida information om mänskliga rättigheter och uppmärksamma det internationella samfundet på situationen i Etiopien: ”Om du skulle göra en balansräkning av förtrycket, skulle du se att Etiopien får samma resultat som Burma ”, säger Mesfin Negash.