Read the 2015 Edition of Time to Act


Read the 2015 edition of Civil Rights Defenders annual magazine Time to Act.

In connection with the annual conference Defenders’ Days – Empowering Human Rights Defenders at Risk, Civil Rights Defenders also publishes Time to Act, a magazine that summarises our work and achievements throughout the previous year and what lies ahead for the organisation in the future.

This year’s edition gives an overview of our work when it comes to strengthning human rights around the world.

Read about our increasing presence in Southeast Asia where we have established an office in Myanmar. Positive reforms have been implemented in the country, however, much remains to do. 2015 is in many ways a pivotal year for the regime to show the world it is serious in matters of democracy and human rights.

Our work has also expanded in the East and the Horn of Africa and Civil Right Defenders continue to increase its efforts to empower and protect human rights defenders at risk in the region.

Every month, hundreds of human rights activists are arrested in Cuba. Despite the country’s improved relations with the United States, there are no indications that the situation is changing for the better. In Venezuela, President Maduro is struggling to survive politically and the already hard-hit opposition is under immense pressure. The level of violence has reached new heights and indications are that 2015 will be an unstable year. Against this background, we are intensifying our work in Latin America, particularly regarding Cuba and Venezuela.

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