Rita Mahato this year’s recipient of the Per Anger prize

BILD Rita Mahato
Photo: The Living History Forum

The Nepalese human rights defender, Rita Mahato, is this years recipient of the annual Per Anger prize. Rita is rewarded for her significant and unselfish work to strengthen abused women’s rights in Nepal.

On behalf of the Swedish government, the Living History Forum, annually gives out the Per Anger prize to a person that has shown great courage and initiative, and who, without any personal gain, has devoted his/hers work to strengthen democracy developments with great humanitarian efforts. The hope is that the recipient’s actions will inspire others to take a stand, show courage and speak up about human rights violations and injustices. 

The 2014 Per Anger price is given to the Nepalese human rights defender, Rita Mahoto, for her determination and on-going struggle against sexual violence against women in patriarchal, violent and socially vulnerable communities.  Although she and her family constantly are exposed to serious threats, Rita continues her struggle to strengthen human rights for women in Nepal.

Rita Mahato is the representative for the human rights organisation Women’s Rehabilitation Centre (WOREC) situated near the border to India in southeast Nepal. The organisation supports abused women and inform them about their rights.

Even though the law in Nepal prohibits child marriages – many girls are married before they have reached puberty. As a teenager, Rita Mahatos, was married and gave birth to her first child in less then a year later. Throughout her marriage Rita was subjected to both physical and psychological violence and during her pregnancy her in-laws forced her to perform heavy work tasks, which triggered a uterine prolapse. Ritas personal experiences is her driving force.

This year’s recipient, Rita Mahato, will be awarded 13 November during the Swedish Forum for Human Rights (MR-dagarna) in Umeå in northern Sweden. The Award Winner will also be available for interviews in Stockholm 11-12 November.

For more information please contact Johan Perwe, Media contact on:
johan.perwe@levandehistoria.se or 0702-59 38 19
For more information on the Per Anger prize please visit: http://www.levandehistoria.se/peranger

In the nomination process of selecting this year’s winner, nine internationally recognized NGO with wide network were involved: Amnesty International, Africa Groups, Diakonia, Civil Rights Defenders, Swedish United Nations Association, Swedish Department of International Commission of Jurists, Reporters Without Borders, the Swedish Church and the Swedish Pen.

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