Venezuelan Human Rights Defender Under Serious Threat in a Landscape of Chaos


Civil Rights Defenders has received information from our Venezuelan partner Foro Penal, that Julio Rivas, one of the leading human rights defenders in the state of Carabobo, is currently receiving serious threats from the local police, the local media and even from the governor of the region, Francisco Ameliach due to his work for human rights. Valencia, a city located 120 kilometres from the capital of Venezuela has in the last 72 hours experienced riots and mass looting of shops, factories, warehouses and supermarkets. Officials have accused the people demonstrating against the government as being responsible for the tension.

(Svenska) Civil Rights Defenders: Detta är Hugo Chavez arv


(Svenska) I söndagens val till nationalförsamlingen i Venezuela kammade oppositionen hem två tredjedelar av mandaten och Hugo Chavez politiska projekt föll slutligen ihop. Under många år kunde Hugo Chavez med en kombination av stark karisma och höga oljepriser hålla projektet vid liv, men visade allt mindre respekt för de medborgerliga och politiska rättigheterna ju längre tiden gick. Läs Civil Rights Defenders debattartikel i Dagens Arena.

Human Rights in Venezuela

Over the last decade Venezuelan government has launched widespread attacks on basically all aspects of civil and political rights . The government passed laws, decrees and constitutional amendments to limit the independence of the judiciary, the National Assembly, civil society and the media. It has continuously accused human rights defenders, opposition leaders and journalists of conspiracy, and has sent elected politicians to prison either with and without trial.

Elections in Venezuela – Leaving Democracy Behind


Venezuela is leaving democracy behind in the run-up to the elections of the National Assembly on December 6. That is the conclusion in a report from Civil Rights Defenders about the rapidly deteriorating situation of civil and political rights in the country. The possibility that the elections will contribute to a solution is diminishing as President Maduro has said that he will not accept a new majority in the National Assembly.