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Parvin Ardalan, IranThirty years ago the Iranian Revolution brought Ayatolla Khomeini to power in Iran. Since then human rights defenders have been fighting for equality and respect for human rights, often with their own lives at stake.

Parvin Ardalan, journalist and human rights defender from Iran, visits Civil Rights Defenders to talk about human rights in Iran. Parvin is one of the initiators to the new wave of female activists in her country. In the end of the -90:ies she started the blog Zanestan, which has been closed down a number of times and reopened again and again under new names. She started a female culture center in Teheran, and is one of the driving forces behind an ongoing campaign that aims at collecting one million signatures demanding equal rights for men and women. Young women have been very active in the protest demonstrations in the last couple of months, which is a clear sign of the political  importance of the women’s movement.

Parvin Ardalan has been accused of threatening national security and was sentenced to two and a half years of conditional imprisonment and six months of unconditional.The sentence has been appealed against. In 2007 Parvin was awarded the Olof Palme Prize for her struggle for equal rights for men and women.

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