All humans are born free and equal

Contrary to what is stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, that all human beings are born free and equal, we tend to step on our fellow human beings conciously or unconciously.

We conduct systematic work against discrimination together with our local partners. We do this by lobbying for the adoption of Laws against discrimination, and by raising awareness about discrimination among duty holders and the general public. We have also taken discrimination cases to court.

It’s a long process but step-by-step our work generates results. Laws against discrimination have been adopted in most contries in the Western Balkans. In Russia, a man with mental disabilities received compensation for being illegally detained, after we had taken his case to the European Court.

The rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered persons (LGBT) are still taboo in many parts of the world but some progress has been made. Our partner Coming Out in St Petersburg managed to get an official registration despite a clear mission statement that they work for LGBT people’s rights. LGBT networks are getting stronger and more professional in Russia and in the Western Balkans.

On the other hand Pride demonstrations are still impossible to carry through, and in Archangelsk, Russia, the regional government adopted a law prohibiting “the promotion of homosexuality among minors”.

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People with disabilities

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